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There have been unverified reports published about horrifying massacres taking place that targeted entire Alawite families, based purely on sectarian affiliation.


Wahhabi Militants Invade Alawite Town of Maan in Rural Hama & Sectarian-Based Killings Reported – YouTube – 2/9/2014


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said the Islamists killed 25 people in the village of Maan, mainly from a pro-Assad National Defence Force militia.

But the government said the dead were mainly women and children and accused the fighters of committing a massacre on the eve of the resumption of peace talks in Geneva.

Islamist fighters seize Alawite village in central Syria – chicagotribune.com – 2/9/2014.

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BEIRUT (Reuters) – A Syrian government delegation in Geneva urged mediator Lakhdar Brahimi on Monday to condemn the violence in the mainly Alawite town of Maan in central Syria in which at least 41 people were killed on Sunday.

Syrian government urges Brahimi to condemn Maan killings – document – World | The Star Online – 2/10/2014.

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Extremist Islamic rebels overran a village in central Syria populated by Assad’s Alawite minority, killing at least 40 people Sunday, activists said. Half of the victims in the attack in Maan were civilians and the rest were village fighters defending their homes, said the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

2nd-Round Syria Peace Talks Bog Down in Bitterness – ABC News – 2/10/2014.


There’s something cosmetic about peace talks and related optimistic political prognoses: Bashar al-Assad’s Syria is done; the Syria to come is not even envisioned with coherence or cohesion; the theater has long been a playground for Islamic Jihad and anarchic violence set loose across the land, the appointment of General Salim Idris as titular leader of a well-intended revolution notwithstanding.

Related: Salim Idris has failed as leader of Syrian rebels, coalition says – Telegraph – 12/13/2014.

While Russian President Putin enjoys the winter games at Sochi and American President Obama attends to domestic issues, it is doubtful either will countenance the development of an Islamist Syrian Republic in place of the merely Arab one recognized.  However, it seems both will let the spontaneous internal demolition continue until the curtain closes on the bloody first act, which ends with fevered diplomacy amid scattered fighting and political anarchy.

Syrians displaced and refugee, Syrians suffering with dread and loss, need an army of their own — not the dictator’s army, which serves the dictator, not the armies of God that serve primarily themselves even while cloaked in religion.  However, the Syrian army wanted would seem today the one routed from the field or diminished in its capacities.

About a month has passed since the running of the above-cited headline, “Salim Idris has failed as leader of Syrian rebels, coalition says.’  Doubtless, however, diplomatic and war planning activity continues around Salim Idris and the necessity of sooner or later confronting, containing, (and dismantling) the al-Qaeda-oriented fronts that seem to spread with deadly — and soul-deadening — exuberance.

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