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An Hamas terrorist has more rights inside Israel than a Jordanian Palestinian citizen inside Jordan.


The Glazov Gang- Secular Palestinian Leader Denounces John Kerry’s Peace Plan. – YouTube – 18:44 – 2/8/2014.


Jamie Glazov Productions

Mudar Zahran :: Gatestone Institute

Jordanian Palestinian who writes for ‘Post’ indicted in Jordan for ‘inciting hatred’ | JPost | Israel News – 12/31/2013.

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The sun doesn’t also rise.

In some parts of the world, it rises for the first time.

With time, and with the efforts of a courageous independent few, the hateful games played by spoilers against the Jewish people become more clear as to their true intents, and not only as regards Jews but as regards all others in their path.

Around 11:15:

This is all anti-Semitism 2.0 . . .  the problem for me as a leader of my people is we’re going to suffer because of this . . . as long as they push us into fighting against Israel and make the point that Israel is demonized and bad while we get killed and kill Israelis in the process . . . .  this is awful, and this is exactly what Mr. Kerry’s peace plan, actually King Abdullah’s peace plan, this is exactly what it’s going to bring . . . .


Muslim & Zionist! Kasim Hafeez: “Israel is the only liberal democracy in ME” – YouTube – 6/5/2012.


Arabs for Israel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Islam in Israel and the Palestinian territories – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Muslim supporters of Israel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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“I’ve had a few instances even in Halifax when Muslims will say, look I may not agree with everything but its given me things to think about. That’s the start you know; its’ creating cracks in the lies they may have accepted as truth. So that’s one of the best feelings, when I do have Muslims and it’s made them think, challenged what they believe and their ready to take it further.”

Why a British Muslim of Pakistani Origin Defends Israel | United with Israel, n.d.

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