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Putin is so good, he has got the world focused on Snowden and the NSA rather than his revived “mafia state” and the immense redevelopment and redirection of the KGB beneath the banner FSB: “There are more SVR/FSB personnel per capita in today’s Russia than during the period of the Soviet Empire, and there are at least as many SVR officers in the US today as there were KGB officers during the Cold War.” http://www.cicentre.com/?page=191

For the bookish: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2010/sep/25/new-nobility-restoration-russia-security

The inspiration: Sochi Winter Olympics – freedom of information left out in the cold – Reporters Without Borders – 2/6/2014: “A Norwegian TV crew detained six times in three days and questioned about its sources . . . .” –>

A Norwegian firm appears to have bagged gold for the sexiest Olympic advert ever with this stirring video.

Sportswear sellers XXL All Sports United launched a thinly veiled attack on Russia’s anti-gay laws with their sexy ‘Airport Love’ ad.

Norwegian Sochi advert video: Hilarious winter olympics advert shows athletes try to tempt sexy seductress – who turns out to be a lesbian – Mirror Online – 2/13/2014.

Olympic Commercial From Norway Is The Greatest Ever | Sexy ad – YouTube – 2/11/2014.


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During the last weeks, three big companies in Norway has released lgbt-related campaigns

First was the national lottery with their “out of the closet”-video, and then Stormberg gave two days of income from their website (aprox. 18 000 Euro) to the Russian project for the national lgbt organisation. And now the sport company XXL released this one

During the last weeks, three big companies in… – EuroPride Oslo 2014 – 2/10/2014.

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As an instrument for narcissistic control and manipulation, Putin’s 400,000-strong post-KGB security apparatus (191: Russia’s SVR/FSB/GRU Intelligence Services – CI CENTRE) may have played some games of its own beside the Sochi games.

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