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Ukraine death toll rises as violence rocks Kiev – YouTube – 2/20/2014.

Sniper fire!

Sound familiar?

Pssst.  Syria.

Similar remnant state-to-state architecture.

Similar beliefs about power.

Similar manners confronting challenges to authority.

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Footage of violence in the Ukrainian capital was beamed almost non-stop into Russian homes by state television on Wednesday, accompanied by apocalyptic warnings of civil war next door and accusations of meddling by foreign states.

Russians well know this form in lying through accusation.

They have been through it right to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, about 24 years ago, and here they have again arrived captive (fewer than 7 percent of Russians speak English) to state media and “covered” by a state security apparatus employing more than 400,000 of their neighbors.

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Video of Ukraine Soldiers Shooting AK 47, Sniper Rifle at People as Truce Fails, 25 More Die – YouTube – 2/20/2014.

I cannot yet vet videos, much less receive them independently.  Nonetheless, one may see through them to the contact point between worlds of deception reliant on narcissistic manipulation for wealth and the self-aggrandizement it affords and the other of integrity that insists on speaking truth to power and on political conversation in the open.


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