Momento que policia de venezuela matan estudiante y modelo Génesis Carmona ! – YouTube – 2/19/2014.

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Once-defiant Venezuelan TV goes quiet amid opposition protests | Reuters – 2/19/2014.

Cameras Taken At Gunpoint In Venezuela – 2/20/2014.

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. . . since 2005, Venezuela has purchased more than $4 billion worth of arms from Russia.[1] In September 2008, Russia sent Tupolev Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela to carry out training flights.[2] In November 2008, both countries held a joint naval exercise in the Caribbean.[3] Following Chavez’s two visits to Moscow in July and September 2008, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin arrived in Venezuela to pave the way for a third meeting within five months between their two presidents.

Russia–Venezuela relations – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – as viewed 2/20/2014.

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This, however, was a significant improvement over media coverage of the violence during the Feb.12 march (see David’s comments in the Financial Times).

That day when the student’s protests turned increasingly violent, private television stations stopped their live coverage of the incidents. Globovisión, the news channel that used to be considered the main pro-opposition media but is now owned by a business group said to be close to the government, had initially given ample – but not live – coverage to the protests. But as soon as violence erupted in the afternoon, they switched to a fashion program.

How are Venezuela’s media covering the protests? – CSMonitor.com – 2/19/2014

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From a correspondent within the awesome conversation (2/20/2014):

The government of Venezuela is very stronger, have many people that support them and the soldiers have many business in the government.

The media try to present that the government are on the brink of fall, but this is not true, only the soldiers can make a Coup State, and the soldiers give support to the government.

China is the first investor in Cuba, at the end, Venezuela is a poor country also, Venezuela can’t give support to Cuba, they send a single ship of oil to Cuba per week, nothing more, and Cuba give assistance to Venezuela with health aid, doctors and assistance to the poor people, at the end Cuba is a poor country also…

China have many investments in Cuba, they are install offshore oil platforms in Cuba in the offshore of Miami, the people can see the oil platforms of China from the coast of Miami.

China invest in Nicaragua and other countries from the Caribean Sea, they will never allow a Coup State in Venezuela, because this can damage their business with Venezuela government, and China have many influence over U.S. government to keep the peace in the region.

The military force in Venezuela have business with oil, and sell oil to China… the military force can make a Coup State only, but they give support to the government to make business with China…

Venezuela, what this means, the soldiers, send twenty oil ships per day with oil to China and U.S., to sell oil to China and U.S.

They are friends and make business together…

American influence / (Chinese+Russian Influence) : god = capital, patronage, return.

That above I would call the newest world order.

Where people would appear to want a political voice, a say in their fate, some guarantees about dignity, freedom, and human rights, The Money has no conscience, no moral code other than to drift where it pays to go or otherwise directly into piratical networks.

No wonder Putin did not want Khodorkovsky running Russia’s oil business.  And China?  China’s quietly going about its business with banking, manufacturing, and mining, and it too seems immune to criticism.

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(Reuters) – Venezuelan security forces and demonstrators faced off in streets blocked by burning barricades in several provincial cities on Thursday as protests escalated against President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government.

Venezuela protests rumble as demonstrators, troops face off | Reuters – 2/20/2014.

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His wife, Lilian Tintori, placed a crucifix around his neck. He climbed down into a crowd gone wild with chants of ¡Sí, se puede! (Yes, we can!) and proceeded to turn himself over to the authorities . . . .

Leopoldo Lopez, the Venezuela Opposition’s New Hero – Businessweek – 2/20/2014.

Leopoldo Lopez, the Venezuela Opposition’s New Hero – Businessweek

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Additional Reference

Genesis Carmona : The Two-Way : NPR – 2/20/2014.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIqG8jeCiZo – 2/20/2014.


Maduro asked the minister of Communication and Information, Delcy Rodríguez to inform CNN that “an administrative process has begun to take them off the aire if they do not mend their ways.”

Related: Maduro: If CNN do not correct reports, they are out of Venezuela – BuenosAiresHerald.com – 2/20/2014.

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