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Bahra also stresses that scores of civilians are killed in Syria on a daily basis at the hands of Hezbollah militiamen and other sectarian gangs coming to Syria from neighboring countries.

Syrian National Coalition Of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces – Syrian Coalition: Hezbollah’s turned The Region into Chaos

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Syria’s “moderate” opposition, represented in the above report by the Syrian Coalition, has a problem:

Khalid Saleh, head of the Media Office, said that “the visit paid by Prime Minister of the Israeli occupation to one of the hospitals where injured Syrians are being hospitalized is nothing more than a publicity gimmick . . . .

Syrian National Coalition Of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces – Saleh: Israel Stands with Assad, Not the Syrian People – 2/20/2014.

And it is becoming visible.

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If you can’t even bring yourself to say thank you to medical aid from Israel, how on earth are you ever going to bring yourself to meet the greater challenge of living and let live with those Syrians who fought for the regime over the years?

For the Sake of Syria, the Political Opposition Has to Grow Up » From Homs to Istanbul – 2/20/2014.


By way of western media, I had been given the impression that Syria’s revolution included a beleaguered but moderate fighting force.  With that impression in mind, I have begun following “Free Syrian Media” which puts through the Syrian National Coalition voice.

Elsewhere on this blog, I have suggested that the Syrian People simply have not had an army working in their interest.

Bashar al-Assad has had an army working in his interest.

Islamic zealots appear to have as many armies as they have themselves working in their interests (please, do not drag God into this horror).

However, the Syrian People have been either abandoned or punished between armies, anything but defended.


The monolithic minds of the American anti-Jihad (in their heads: all Muslims bad) have not overlooked similarities in battlefield barbarism, e.g., see Bare Naked Islam’s “‘Moderate’ Free Syrian Army rebels sent a selfie to Obama, their best friend and support in the U.S.'” for an example of that.  However, the zero-change in the flow down from programmatic Baathist anti-Semitism signals how little interest the Syrian opposition may have in producing a full out regime-changing, culture altering, and permanent revolutionary redemption and rescue of the Syrian People.

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States of Affairs:

Source: http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49e486a76.html

Residing in Syrian Arab Republic [1]
Refugees [2]
More info 149,709

Refugee figure for Iraqis in the Syrian Arab Republic is a Government estimate. UNHCR has registered and is assisting 42,400 Iraqis at mid-2013.
Asylum Seekers [3] 2,069
Returned Refugees [4] 52,806
Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS)[5] 4,254,500
Returned IDPs [6] 0
Stateless Persons [7] 160,000
Various [8] 4
Total Population of Concern 4,619,088
Originating from Syrian Arab Republic [1]
Refugees [2] 1,888,823
Asylum Seekers [3] 33,335
Returned Refugees [4] 52,806
Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS)[5] 4,254,500
Returned IDPs [6] 0
Various [8] 7,903
Total Population of Concern 6,237,367

“As at mid-2013” says the above cited page of the above cited statistics.

Dead: 140,000+

Reference: Syria’s death toll now exceeds 140,000: activist group | Reuters – 2/15/2014.

Dead, dying, injured, or homeless would seem less than an optimal condition for maintaining Jew hate, but the insecure hubris of it appears present.


For Arabs, Zionism and Jewishness are one and the same thing.

  • The influence of Nazi ideals and prejudices on Arab nationalism and the paranoid attitudes of the region’s leaders effectively stymie any chances of reconciliation between the two peoples.
  •  Historical evidences show that the much-praised racial harmony of Al-andalus has been exaggerated for political purposes.
  • The negative image of Jews in the Quran has been deliberately misinterpreted in order to keep hatred of Jews alive among Arabs today.

uu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:344823/FULLTEXT01.pdf – Wiji Bohme Shomary, History (course), Spring 2010.


Careers are made of the study of anti-Semitism, and I’m not going to load this page for that.

However, whether because Mohammad said a few things, or perhaps because Islam must prevail (and Christians and Jews are just so, you know, 5th Century), or it just plain feels good to feel hate and have a convenient target for it — whatever the cause of the illness — it has to go.

For the keys to letting go, there’s a pair around here in the contemplation of language uptake and related cultural programming (how we learn to listen) and scripting (what we learn to say).


The United States and its principal European and Arab allies have agreed on a unified way of providing Syrian rebel groups with aid, classifying them into those who should receive arms supplies and other assistance, those who are ineligible because of clear extremist ties, and those whose eligibility requires further discussion, according to U.S. and allied officials.

U.S., allies agree on standards for which opposition groups in Syria will receive aid – The Washington Post – 2/21/2014.

I wonder if those standards might include any indices for anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic cant and the continued and Assad-oriented desire to damage or destroy the Jewish State and refuse the influence of the west while enjoying shipments of its war fighting equipage and materiel.

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For the Sake of Syria, the Political Opposition Has to Grow Up – 2/20/2014.

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