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It’s not Israel, R. A portion of Hamas went to fight with al-Nusra in Syria in keeping with their interests as Sunni Muslims. Also, Hamas, along similar lines, lost a part of the faith invested in it by Ayatollah Khamenei . . . and then, because they had felt their interests aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they lost that too when the people of Egypt (in overwhelming millions on the streets) won their plebiscite and looked to the Egyptian military to intervene.

Along with the adjective, agitprop, and all that early learning, I want to suggest that real independent journalism, from Fox to Mother Jones, seeks factual data to report with reflection and honesty. It takes a dose of paranoia from elsewhere to view “9/11” as an “inside job” or Hamas as a “Zionist invention”.

The central fact about the Jews is their refusal to accept authority at face value and without insight and to then search for knowledge and insight about humanity every day, if perhaps using the Torah as a basis that works — but it never works without argument, commentary, additional research in every realm — or these days an actualizing psychology (Maslow) or an ethical humanism (Hillel to Adler). Either way, trust a Jew to support others in their development, culturally, individually, according to the unique (and wonderful) qualities of each.

That is something narcissists, who are busy with themselves, either don’t care to do or don’t know how to do: they’re better at exploiting others. Putin-Assad-Khamenei, bound together in Syria’s Civil War, have the qualities of malignant narcissists (http://www.reuters.com/investigates/iran/#article/part1). One might add to Khamenei, “Khamenei-Nasrallah” — and what they do themselves, they will tell you the Jews do, Israel does, the west most of all: except the criminality they complain about is not that of the Jews, Israel, or the west: the accusation is the project of what is in themselves and has been allowed or enabled by fate and a vast ignorance. And fear.


People who care about people, or say they do, carry their prejudices with them, and that perhaps often with anti-Semitism foremost.  The above note, which by the time I got to it seems to have been off-topic, addresses the ad hominem attack rhetoric that passes for thought in some places.  At the end, it found its way to the Paranoid Delusional Narcissistic Reflection of Motivation that provides despots the language leveraging tool to launch arms against the innocent and unprepared.

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