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Viktor Yanukovich, whose overthrow last month after protests triggered the gravest crisis in Europe since the Cold War, insisted from his refuge in Russia that he was still Ukraine’s legitimate president and commander of its armed forces.

Ukraine forms new defense force, seeks Western help | Reuters

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“I want to remind you that I am not only still the legitimate president of Ukraine but also the supreme commander of the army and I haven’t stopped my duties as president early – I am still alive.”

He took no questions from the press after his speech.

Yanukovych insists on TV he’s still in charge of Ukraine | euronews

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Cash: $12 million. Decoration of a dining hall and tea room: $2.3 million. Statue of a wild boar: $115,000. “A bribe”: $4,000.

 These are some of the expenses detailed in financial documents found in President Viktor Yanukovych’s abandoned residence, which was occupied by protesters after the leader fled the capital.

Documents at Ukraine leader’s home detail spending – Narcissistic views on News/Politics – 2/23/2014.

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Malignant narcissism?

Facsimile Bipolar Narcissistic Sociopathy?

I’d say so.

Borrowing from the Putin-Assad-Khamenei show in the middle east, I would further suggest Yanukovych has no tears, no real ones, for any of dead, injured, and maimed of Euromaidan.  He lost the confidence of his people; he lost the streets; he lost his properties.  Now he’ll pout and throw a tantrum, if he can, with the help of Uncle Vlad.

Perhaps the less they are on the inside, the larger despots wish to look on the outside.

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