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She warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that his actions would lead to “catastrophe” for Ukraine.

“It would also change Russia economically and politically,” she said.

But Putin has reiterated his previous stance: Ukraine’s crisis was caused by internal factors, not by Russia.

Change course in Crimea or face costs, West warns Russia – CNN.com

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President Obama has one crucial lever he can activate immediately, as was done in the case of deposed Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovich: identify, freeze, and disclose stolen assets hidden in the West.

Want Putin’s Attention On Ukraine? Follow His Money – 3/3/2014.

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Britain has been handing visas to hundreds of Russian oligarchs in return for them paying at least £1million towards our £1.2trillion national debt.

Russian and Chinese businessmen have been allowed to jump to the front of the immigration queue by ‘investing’ a seven-figure sum in Government gilts.

Russian oligarchs buy UK visas for £1million | Mail Online – 2/25/2014.

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MOSCOW — When Vladimir V. Putin returned to the Russian presidency in 2012, one of the first messages he sent to his political elite, many of them heads of banks and large corporations, was that the times had changed: Owning assets outside Russia makes you too vulnerable to moves by foreign governments, he told them. It is time to bring your wealth home.

Titans in Russia Fear New Front in Ukraine Crisis – NYTimes.com – 3/10/2014.

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One notable statistic about Russia is that the mean wealth of its 110m adults last year was $10,980 while the median was $870. In other words, if the country’s assets were equally divided, the man in the middle would possess more than $10,000 but, in practice, his net worth is less than a 10th of that sum. This is the result of 110 billionaires controlling 35 per cent of the wealth.

Punishing a few oligarchs in London is not enough – FT.com – 3/5/2014.


The pundits fret over what to do with the Russia-Crimea-Ukraine debacle not in relation to mere Slavic expansionism — start, oh Russians, with investments in the east for that — but rather the expansion of Putin’s “mafia state“.

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Putinism and Russian Protest – YouTube – 2:02:48 – posted 10/29/2012.

That I find this kind of thing exciting scares me!

Panels about Putin may be inseparable from concerns associated with political psychology.

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Garry Kasparov’s Advice to Obama: ‘Forget About Diplomatic Solution’ with Putin – YouTube 3/6/2014.

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On Viktor Yanukovych:

Revelations In The Yanukovych Papers – YouTube – 3/12/2014.

Primary Source: What the Ousted Ukrainian President Tried to Hide Before He Fled | New Republic – 3/12/2014.

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Yanukovych Leaks

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Russian Aggression

Russian troops gather at Ukraine border – World – The Boston Globe (today); Russian troops gathering at Ukraine border for exercises as standoff continues – The Washington PostRussia might halt nuclear inspections | Concord MonitorUkraine: Russia Fired On Plane Over Crimea.

Source: Ukraine: Russia Fired On Plane Over Crimea (today): “Kyiv Post’s Christopher Miller tweeted this video that allegedly shows a pro-Russian group attacking pro-Ukrainian groups in Donetsk today”.

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President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Ukraine – YouTube – 3/12/2014.

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