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War Damage Assessment Video: Damascus Countryside, Zabadani – Posted January 2, 2014.

“GHSR Syria Watch” has a Facebook page without a “Follow” button and a Twitter account with few followers.

“Global Studies & Research” appears to have no footprint online apart from its YouTube location.

“War Damages Assessment Damascus City Jobar Part 1” – Posted January 7, 2014.

Near history.

It could have happened yesterday.

It could have happened next door.


Syrian attitudes toward Jews and Israel, also “the west” — all that hateful politics — may temper or discipline outsider reception, but that does not keep the spectacle of the aftermath — or in the second video around Jobar, the recording of combat footage — from being unutterably sad.

One may put a price on reconstruction — demolition, recovery of materials, regrading, pouring new platforms, setting in new infrastructure and roads, the redevelopment of some kind of society, and God please make it a better, more human, more modern one, even Jew-friendly — but one cannot account the lives that once animated every inch of space apparent in the above recordings.


I don’t know who “SyrianResearch” is or may be, but as a search string, the same recovers this active organization: Syria Research and Evaluation Organization.

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