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Reference: http://www.channel4.com/news/saudi-princesses-sahar-jawaher-king-abdullah-barack-obama – 3/28/2014.

The story of two young women kept behind the walls of their Saudi compound but connected to the web and its social resources has been tweeted 867 times and cited on Facebook 2,700 times or so.

Perhaps we will find freedom itself as much a binary as an open or closed channel.

The world online and where channels are open is a still new and still free world, mind to mind, mouth to ear, listening, responding, corresponding, sharing aspirations, circumstances, fears, values.

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Circumstances change, and one hopes for the better.

If circumstances appear to change for the worse, then one hews to values, and the value of shared and supported dignity, freedom, and respect — between men and women, between husbands and wives, between parents and their children — are themes eternal.  However, it is to each generation to again evaluate and affirm or dispose of beliefs and customs that while once protective would seem to have come to lend themselves to the humiliating and infantilizing of their own offspring and assorted additional significant others.

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