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Answer “why” first — and the answer may have to do with the roles played in language by loyalty and what might be called “secure feeling”. When people lie, which concept includes false accusations and omissions, it is to hide something or to get something.


Around the world, what competes with loyalty? Principle.

However, if dissimulation accedes to bullying (by the local god mob), if fibbing means being fed, if deflection of responsibility forestalls opprobrium and shame, if vicious slander summons murder and plunder to one’s greater glory, thuggish though it be, well, heck, lying works!

All of that is part of “social grammar”, which you are trying to change where it’s needed. Perhaps, unfortunately, social reality — with which language behaviors are integrated — trumps principle by maintaining and reinforcing the behaviors cited for scolding. To get to a better place, the reward system has to change in a pervasive way.


Inspiration for the comment: Tezyapar, Sinem.  “When Will the Muslim World Take Responsibility and End Preaching Hatred?”  Sinem Tezyapar, October 24, 2013.

From the above, one may sense how and where propaganda fits in and why it’s so important for autocrats to manage their state’s media to whatever extent may be possible: the systems they create in their own piratical interests are made to depend on their patronage and protection without exception, and for that, their subjects, the subjugated, must be made and maintained as the most loyal of believers: our “malignant narcissists” cannot afford the freedom of free minds when it comes to maintaining their “vertical of power” and their vision of expanding and limitless “narcissistic supply”.

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Are “grandiose and messianic delusions” actually delusions if the person possessed of them makes them even somewhat real?

Be that as it may, the challenge and puzzle posed by Tezyapar’s jihad of the pen nonetheless involves the unraveling of complex and long-lived systems of pandering and patronage on the part of the powerful — who for their own aggrandizement lie to their people to keep them manipulated — and systems of subjugation within which the weak may grovel or play — and pray  — as required and reap the benefits of an imperious acknowledgment, one by whom that if defied would be just as pleased to “barrel bomb” the children of the loyal every bit as much as the disloyal.

That last behavior, the throwing of an ungodly tantrum, I would not call indicative of “social grammar” but rather “criminal infallibility”, a state of being and regard most appreciated by dictators.

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