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My name is Tolga Yıldız.

I am interested in global policy and diplomacy.

Turkey’s geopolitics status is very important in the Middle-East and Caucasia. Middle-east is very important with strategic and energy power. Today we need new politic, social and economic strategies for new World System. There are many social, economic, political problems in the World. I am a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

Today Middle East is Islamic area.

Turkey is secular country in the Middle-East. Turkey is an important country between East and West. Turkey is first Secular Muslim Country in the Middle east. Today Turkish government(AK Party) is Islamic government. AKP want to moderate islamic administration in Turkey. But Turkish Nation know that Turkey is Atatürk’s secular country not islamic arab country.

We will always defend secular system and Democracy.


I’ve made minor grammatical corrections and added paragraphs to what was a two paragraph submission.

In correspondence, Tolga described the above as “short but gist important article“.

“Gist important” — I like that!

Is it an article?

Is it important?

The passage contains is an important message for Prime Minister Erdogan and the AKP: “We will always defend secular system and Democracy.”

As regards, “Today Middle East is Islamic area” . . . well, it is a Muslim-majority region, but it is not entirely Islamic: it is a little bit Jewish too, or perhaps more Jewish than it knows considering the changes Hillel the Elder brought to the Jewish community, by extension Israel, and the world re-envisioned by both Jesus-Paul-Constantine and General Muhammad.

America’s Founding Fathers, perhaps intent on avoiding the kind of religious warfare that ran amok across Europe set forth in principle and constitution a system enabling belief and faith of every kind, most connected to some version of metaphysics, a few rejecting metaphysics altogether.  The purpose: whatever it is in the head, let’s not fight over it — we’d rather a society, and by the mid-20th Century “One nation under God” notwithstanding, purposed toward the well being of its inhabitants, and at that, inclusively, without regard to race, creed, religion, origin, gender, or sexual orientation.


Knowing President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s vision for Turkey, Tolga Yildiz would appear to understand the connection between secular democracy and the assertion and confirmation of human dignity and freedom guaranteed by equality under the law.

No dhimmi.

No caliphate.

No dictator.

No scapegoats.

Instead: equal stature — again, under the law — and the freedom to speak and vote and to experience being — and voting — within a society free of coercion and cynical manipulation.

That’s quite a message.

From Turkey.

Thank you, Tolga Yildiz.

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