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I’ll go straight to the point. Why is Boko Haram pummelling us from every angle and we are so helpless? Why are we being battered and bruised? How can insurgents roam so freely within our territory, take over military barracks, slaughter teenage students in their hostels, abduct hundreds of young girls without trace for three weeks, burn down their schools, kill our soldiers at will, attack and kill innocent citizens at any location of their choice and then we are here, unable to stop them? How did Boko Haram become so powerful that the state is becoming powerless? How can the tail be wagging the dog when it should be the other way round?

http://www.ynaija.com/simon-kolawole-how-did-boko-haram-become-so-powerful/ – May 4, 2014.

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“Nigerians have never been lucky in the department of leadership,” Ndibe says. “There is this old joke in Nigeria about the football coach who was asked how his team was going to win a game, and he said, ‘We’re going to fumble our way to victory.’ It seems to me that is the same ethos that drives Nigerian affairs.”

http://www.thetakeaway.org/story/nigerian-author-reflects-tragic-kidnapping/ – May 2, 2014.

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