Thirty-one children and one adult were killed in Colombia on Sunday when fuel exploded on a broken-down bus returning from a church event, an official said.

NBC News.  “Church Bus Blaze Kills at Least 31 Kids in Colombia.”  May 19, 2014.

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From one of my correspondents in South America:

The poor countries have old cars, with many repairs who are out of rules from dealer, maybe this was something about Diesel filter, Diesel tank or brakes . . . When I see the video cameras to road control in U.S. is amazing see all the cars with new models, truck Ford F-150, high cost cars . . . The bus in which 32 children died transited without insurance SOAT and technical review . . . The driver of the accident bus in Colombia had no driving license, this is the reality of the poverty . . .  😦

Related: Ecuador Times: “Conductor de bus incendiado en Colombia se entrega a las autoridades.”  May 19, 2014.

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