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These are the pages banned by PTA in collaboration with FB.

BackChannel’s source.

I asked my source for a top half-dozen elements blocked (filtered out) by Pakistan’s government with the complicity of the common carrier Facebook — generally liberal progressive organizations or personalities and their pages.  The following is what he reported.


Laal (Red)

https://www.facebook.com/laalpakhttps://www.youtube.com/user/Laalpakistan Breaking news: http://tribune.com.pk/story/718314/facebook-blocks-page-of-laal-rock-band-at-govt-request/  The screen capture posted below seems to indicate that whatever Pakistan’s GeoTV was carrying for “Laal”, it’s not available at the desktop.

Screen capture, Google search, Laal, Band.

Screen capture, Google search, Laal, Band.

Roshni (light/luminescence)

(May 9, 2013): http://lubpak.com/archives/263201;

Taliban Are Zaaliman (Tyrants)

Screen capture: Taliban is Zaliman post on PTA censorship.  Read it and weep.

Screen capture: Taliban is Zaliman post on PTA censorship. Read it and weep.

Bhensa (Buffalo)

“It is basically a satirical page which uses satire to hit religious orthodoxy and terrorist outfits,” says my source:



Tip source: “OMG. Saeen has been taken down second time in 2 days.”

I reminded the source that the censorship may have blocked the site.


On trust, I’m leaving “Saeen” in even though I’m not certain what “Saeen” is may be, is, or was.  It’s enough to know that something with a name, probably good, liberal, good natured, helpful, has been censored and intimidated by the State of Pakistan through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority with the imprimatur of Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, who himself seems in “webpression” quite progressive himself (at the bottom of this post, you may see and hear him speak).


https://twitter.com/Zalaan1 On Twitter as I type:


Lashkr e Bhangvi (a parody of LeJ)







“Ministerial Programme 2014 interview with Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman of Pakistan regulator PTA.”


Nature abhors monocultures and encourages variance and adaptability all the way through.  What is true in biology with regard to basic structures and their differentiation and elaboration in nature may be true also of the intellectual development of our gregarious species.  I remind conversational partners often that our small planet supports an inventory of about 7,000 living languages, each one of them approaching, inventing, and seeing the world surrounding and the speaker speaking a little differently.  With some trims for the survivability of the greater humanity, we should, imho, love and preserve as much of that thought as we may while with mind in mind also dancing and encouraging creativity, new invention, and altogether a more robust humanity.

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