Unfortunately, that kind of killing has to be stopped by killing.

There are no pacifist or passive options that are not ultimately self-destructive.

“These guys” — I think I can say that about both religious and secular fascists — simply do not have an “off button” — no containment, no self-restraint.

In their heads, they are the favored of God and can do no wrong.

At the moment, in fact, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has confined and laid siege to the lives of four daughters, and he is killing and will kill them in this manner (Twitter hash #FreeThe4) and there seems no power on earth interested in or willing to stop him, and verbal persuasion may have no effect at all.

Humanity at large is on a collision course with this aspect of its own errant psychology. It is complex if interpreted as “secular vs religious” adherence, but that’s not what the fighting is about: it is about The Despotic (mafia and fascist) vs. The Democratic (justice and inclusion).

Test it out in argument elsewhere.

Let me know how it works.