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“Almost unanimously Iraqis tell me that America will initially win the military war but will face a fierce resistance for establishing peace.  The exiled opposition, with its varying agenda, will pull Iraq further apart.”

Fassihi, Farnaz.  Waiting for an Ordinary Day.  New York: Public Affairs, 2008.

More than 99 notifications await me on Facebook.

I fear to download the weekend’s e-mail, this having signed on to enough lists to receive from the vending and politics communities about 5-MB of email per day.

That’s a lot of slush.

Then too, the world has a lot of absolutely senseless problems driven more by vainglorious egos — so I harp: malignant narcissism — and the mafia societies they create through, in, and around themselves, than any other cause for bellicose behavior.

Not particularly exceptional in this, even Hamas in Gaza lives in mansions.

Whatever they’re about (psst — murder and plunder), they’re not about justice, much less God.

Perhaps I should be receiving 10-MB of e-mail per day.

Or not.

Here one may make a case for a quiet space far from the emadding crowd, a fair cup of coffee, and a good book.

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