When God (being God) introduces Eve to the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (via the Snake, who is also God’s creature) and awakens her to human awareness, self-awareness, and conscience — yeah, well she had to share THAT with Adam, poor fellow, considering what comes next in instruction), He’s careful (through the snake’s mouth) to conceal the presence of that other tree (by not mentioning it).

Knowledge is funny: how much do we really want to know, how soon, toward what end?

As issues may be parsed into dimensions and dimensions further defined, observed, explicated, the one or two central dimensions that cross all of the lines of the Islamic Small Wars are (imho) 1) Integrity Universally and its complement 2) Loyalty Selectively. A lot of things slip into the columns beneath those headers to then show up in events on the ground.

We may not see or hear the conversations that led to the murder of three Israelis and shortly thereafter an Arab boy — but we know somebody’s “holding out”. Similar behavior in business we often sanction as private and proprietary, but in politics undermining peaceful processes and whipping up crowds, the lying should get much less respect and, in fact, the general public must become more cognizant of processes below deck.

I skip down to the base when I think about “conflict, culture, language, and psychology” and the power of legacy in poetry to organize communities. That dives beneath the obscured layers of information but also lands one in the areas detached principle and theory — pure rather than applied research or thought.

For this thread, and having to shut down here for other obligations plus the Sabbath, I would suggest that those most in want and in need of the next new world may have to give up some old thoughts to climb into it, to come forward of positions, look over what we know of ourselves in myriad dimensions and ways and engineer to obtain for most of humanity improvements in (another of my terms of art) “qualities of living” — from cash supply and distribution x N-pop. x Area-Sq. to psychological and spiritual appreciation of the experience of living.

That said, conditions are pretty shitty for millions of souls, and some are getting attention in peace — anyone wish to include me in a peace and development project, let me know — but too many are suffering in the shadows of crime, criminal governance, and war. A prayer for those in line with “Tikkun Olam” and hope to continue doing what we do by bringing more to light and to mind and to heart universally.

What’s a writer to do?

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