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That fanaticism may be rooted in a decontextualized and literal reading of the Qur’an, the will to express power by definitively superseding other religions while obtaining absolute control over the lives of others and their assets and otherwise productive energies.  

That the Islamic enterprise either contains or has enabled this political program should go without saying; the extent to which the main body either abets, enables, or impedes the progress of “Islamist” elements is arguable.  Egypt, for example, reversed the course of the Brotherhood (in Egypt), which handily proved itself anti-democratic and unconcerned with practical and progressive governance; the appearance of the “Islamic State” in Iraq appears to have met either widespread Sunni cooperation or plainly insufficient resistance north of Baghdad despite the development of a military vastly outnumbering the fighters within the incursion.

The comment responded to Adnan Oktar’s latest deploring Islamist aggression in the middle east and Muslim failure to protect Christians and Christian assets in the region: http://www.weeklyblitz.net/2014/07/christian-church-middle-east/ – 7/15/2014.

In relation to my assertion about a “decontextualized and literal reading of the Qur’an”, fate would have me post the following prior to the above:

How ISIS thinks: ““We haven’t given orders to kill the Israelis and the Jews. The war against the nearer enemy, those who rebel against the faith, is more important. Allah commands us in the Koran to fight the hypocrites, because they are much more dangerous than those who are fundamentally heretics.” http://www.haaretz.com/news/world/.premium-1.605097 – 7/15/2014.

Is the Islamic State’s reading of the Qur’an valid or invalid?

If the interpretation is invalid, what are the proofs supporting that position?

While the world may be uncomfortable with the projection of the Islamic superhero who defends all that is “truth, justice, and the Islamic way”, to parody another well known trope, it may prefer a little bit of that to the mindless cruelty of the cookbook Islam whipped up by the host of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates that have expressed their presence in the world through blooms of blood and horror.

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