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http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Israeli-hospital-treats-Hamas-PM-Haniyehs-granddaughter-332193 Military hardware and supplies look alike all over the world, but between some states, their purposes are very, very different.

Egyptians control the Rafah Crossing, not Israel, and they are not happy either with the Muslim Brotherhood in their state or in Gaza. http://thecairopost.com/news/118936/news/rafah-crossing-is-red-line-egypts-fm

In addition to routinely providing health services to children from the Preoccupied Territories (the barbaric and lethal spread of anti-Semitic rhetoric is what has really happened in the Arab world) — http://www.algemeiner.com/2013/08/02/increase-in-palestinians-treated-in-israeli-hospitals/ ,

Until recently, and for obvious reasons, Israeli universities have provided education services to qualified Palestinian students.

There are many other areas in business and trade in which Israelis and Palestinians participate together or partner. News about Cisco and Sodastream, about Qualifying Industrial Zones, and any number of Israel-based advocacy and peace program organizations are easily found on the web. In fact, one would have to exercise willful blindness to mistake a terror-suppressing security wall for a concentration camp enclosure.

The only Gestapo, SS, and Nazis in Gaza are the fascist Hamas and similar Jew-hating genocidal fascist organizations.

What did those do with the Jews of Gaza who had been nearly continuously on the strip, validated by archaeological evidence, for 3,500 years?

What has happened to their property — greenhouses, synagogues, cemeteries?


The prompt: a vicious visual comparison of military images matching IDF and Nazi elements — soldiers, barbed wire, concrete barriers — devoid of context or honest interpretation.

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http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/human-shields-are-hamass-pr/article19602451/ – “Israel doesn’t want to shed civilian blood. Hamas needs it – especially from its own civilians.”

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