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Because of the enforced isolation, much including Arab unwillingness to integrate the same, the residents of Gaza, “Gazans”, a term I am seeing more frequently, are positioned in time to become their own people in their own city-state.

When Hamas is gone — and it appears Hamas is working on that — the culture of Gaza may be open both to Egypt and Israel. Israel, incidentally, may have afterward plans for Gaza in the form of services made ready, starting with medicine — there’s already a built emergency field hospital for Gazans far into construction.

Actually, Israel’s emergency hospital unit for Gaza is open.

So how is this working out?

Walla reports that Hamas has actively prevented injured Gazans from going to the hospital to be treated by Israel. Even worse, on Wednesday Hamas shot ten mortars at the hospital!

Yes, Hamas is targeting a hospital, something that the “human rights” community seems not to care much about in this case.

UPDATE: Yes, the hospital is live and treating Gazans who manage to get there.

http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2014/07/hamas-shells-field-hospital-set-up-to.html#.U9u08-NdV8E – 7/23/2014

From 2012:

At 2:05:

A senior Israeli cardiologist told the group that there are no dilemmas for Israeli doctors in treating children who may be the offspring of enemy combatants: “We treat them as human beings.  We look at them as human beings.  We see their families in their hour of dealing with an extremely sick ill child.  This is a humanitarian program.”

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