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Jordanian Palestinian leader Mudar Zahran has been arguing for years for a revolutionary version of the “Jordanian Option”, the idea that the Palestinians should be absorbed by and governed by Jordan, an idea pursued by Yasser Arafat with disastrous consequences, but which in Zahran’s vision promotes a democratic pro-Semitic Jordan.

As King Abdullah II of Jordan would have to abdicate to get to the first leg of such an adjustment, Zahran generally argues his case from London.

Nonetheless, with Palestinian bona fides, Zahran has stepped out of the box that keeps the “middle east conflict” oscillating between temporary accommodation and relative quiet and then the rounds of brutal violence unleashed by the passions fueled by Arab hate in some proportion of the refugee populations.  The dictator generally boasts — and being delusional may believe — that everyone is behind him (and everyone loves him too), but the more level-headed among empiricists may rightly query that boast: truly, provably, how many constituents within the mafia state of theofascist Hamas deeply hate and resent its existence and its power over their lives?

As all autocracies are no-go zones for honest pollsters, no one really knows.

However, with this “different kind of war”, states share in their enmity reliance on general communications networks and devices and word gets in and word gets out — and then it moves quickly.

So one may take it on Mudar Zahran’s word, “Most Gazans Have Had Enough With Hamas”, until Gazans are free of Hamas and free to speak freely.

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