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Are they even aware that most of the Christian community in Gaza have fled –out of fear of Hamas? Gaza Christians were and are driven away by intimidation, death threats, forced conversions and scrutiny by Hamas “Torquemadas” who check to make sure these new converts are attending Mosque on a regular basis. Have they seen the videos recently smuggled out showing Hamas henchmen beating up Palestinian men, women and children trying to evacuate their homes, (as the IDF asked them to do), and being driven back inside by Hamas henchmen so their deaths can become fodder for naïve, unquestioning western eyes? For every Palestinian – except their most dedicated supporters, Hamas rule in Gaza has become akin to the inquisition. Has it ever occurred to these new lefties that their unquestioning support of Gaza is actually enabling Hamas and other similar tyrants to continue doing what they do best – namely rule through intimidation and terror?

http://israelsvoice.com/article.php?id=294&t=1407101450 – 8/3/2014

For good reason, I refer to it as the “New Old Now Old Far Out and Lost Left”.

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