” . . . and somehow seem to believe they are above anyone else” — in the want of evoking an exemplary ethos, there’s some truth to that, and then by extension the judgment devolving to others from a Jewish source may be also problematic: none of the names commemorated in this garden are Jewish — http://youtu.be/dcGS_ymJNro — but they are there because their actions signaled a great goodness in their character. Christian preachy finger wagging and Muhammad’s naming of others (like “The People of the Book”) denote a similar attitude as regards their own end-all superiority. As much, of course, feeds back to the “Facsimile Bipolar Political Sociopathy” and related concepts that I’ve noticed operating throughout the Islamic Small Wars. Should Bashar al-Assad or, back when, Muammar Qaddafi, or, today, Abu Bakr al-Baghdaddi have any route to and legitimacy in political power?

Hillel the Elder (circa 35 BCE – 10 CE) widened as a jurist and rabbi the scope of Judaism by reducing the role of birthright and ethnicity in participation (the lore credits him with saying to a doubtful but would-be convert, “That which is distasteful to thee, do not do to another. That is the whole or Torah. The rest is commentary. Now go and study”), and his life nearly coincides in its preceding Jesus to be followed by Paul and Constantine, and then Constantine’s reinvention of Rome (as a Christian capital built on campaigning in the too familiar way), which about 300 years later would be followed by Muhammad’s uptake of the same base with the same claim — everyone else has corrupted the text! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, perhaps not.

I am at heart a liberal who would rather be working (remotely) on development or “qualities of living” challenges than looking over the latest news on Qatar or ISIS and so many other elements of these small wars, but I think whether through misguidance or some natural error in the development of a social grammar, people get lost, and some get out in the wild to find themselves the instruments of a Baghdaddi and the elements facilitating genocide (as against the Yazedi community in Iraq) accompanied by barbarism, plunder, and rape. Along that line, Khaled Mashaal has become a billionaire twice over while about 160 Palestinian children became at the hands of Hamas “martyrs” — plainly: they were abused and murdered — in the construction of tunnels belying the intent to assault Israel and genocide Jewry worldwide. To that kind of darkness, the Jews continue bringing light. Loopy metaphysics, occultism, and eschatology in modern life perhaps should count for less and less against the sanctity of life itself, and we should better approach conflict through the lens of a more comprehending political psychology.

Why put a title on it and turn it into a blog post?

Such expression amounts to background thought that can be telegraphed:

Moses –> Hillel –> Jesus / Paul / Constantine –> Muhammad –> Islamic Small Wars

As large on the world and taken with itself as the monotheist alignment — rather poorly aligned at the moment — might be, not all of mankind cares for it, nor should it. ย For cultural polyphony, our human natural inventory includes about 7,000 living languages (the figure is falling annually), and each of those represent a cultural inventing of the world in language and perception. ย We should be careful to grow our societies within their geopolitical bounds and through that see what greater good may be developed within the context of “qualities of living” that have physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

# # #