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For more than 66 years, the game against the Jews of Israel hasn’t changed much. From armies to rogue political movements to terrorist gangs, the genocidal, go-nowhere, nothing-to-offer character of the anti-Semitic aspect of the Middle East Conflict has not changed.

By way of American paychecks to his security forces, Mahmoud Abbas, who has been called the number one anti-Semite in the world, has been irrevocably compromised and therefore stuck in neutral as regards the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

By way of fanaticism, greed, and stupidity — and there is nothing more stupid than abusing children and putting them in the way of an enemy’s entire army — Hamas has sabotaged its own psychotically grandiose ambitions.

I’ve mentioned suzerainty on this blog, which may be too much or too little but at least addresses Egyptian and Israeli security issues associated with the strip, its inhabitants, and its Hamas and other parasites.  What I haven’t brought into the BackChannels conversation is the power inherent in genuine local rule.

The Hamas enterprise, which has been about getting rich, offing the Jews (wow, what a combination), and aggrandizing itself beyond all measure, has never been about modern representative, responsive, and responsible local governance.

When The Occupation of Gaza By Hamas comes to an end, however it may do that, the arm twisting, conflict with Israel, deep smuggling, and plundering of the local population in the name of Islam will come also to an end.  In that, and perhaps only that, is there a new dawn for Gazans.

I repeat the three “R”s: Representative | Responsible | Responsive.

Bring those three into honest existence, and the entire of the middle east conflict, sixty-six years of not only of empty promises but of futile and wasteful ends, concludes.

Can approximately two million people rise to reclaim their lives in the place where they have settled?

We shall see.

Hamas – Human Shields

Source: Watch: IDF Soldier Reveals Extent of Hamas ‘Human Shields’ – 8/24/2014.


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Hamas – Wealth

Meet the Hamas Billionaires – 7/24/2014.

Hamas – Popularity Contest

Yesterday’s headlines are that Hamas has just rejected Egypt’s offer of a ceasefire with Israel and instead continues to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli towns and cities.

Less known is a crucial fact: the people of Gaza are solidly against these Hamas policies. Indeed, by a very large majority, they oppose Hamas rule altogether.

http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/view/gaza-public-rejects-hamas-wants-ceasefire#When:15:54:31Z#ixzz3BQ2XSv7D – 7/17/2014.

Hamas’s biggest weakness of all is its unpopularity among Palestinians in Gaza now. A poll taken in June, before the latest fighting began, showed that 70 percent of Gazans wanted a continuing cease-fire with Israel; 57 percent wanted a Fatah-Hamas unity government to renounce violence against Israel; 73 percent thought nonviolent resistance had a positive impact, and large majority thought Hamas had failed to deal with crime and corruption.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2014/07/21/how-to-break-hamass-stranglehold-on-gaza/ – 7/21/2014.

Then as Gaza’s economy began to worsen almost as quickly as the Palestinian Authority’s corruption level grew higher, fed up Gazans finally voted the PA out – and the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas into power.

Anyone who expected Hamas to do a better job for the Gazan population was soon sadly disappointed. A Sunni Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, Hamas remains fanatically resolved to destroy Israel and to murder millions of Jews in the process.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-z-chesnoff/gaza-and-palestinian-leadership_b_5589766.html – 7/23/2014.

I wonder if Gazans have the same question I do about Israel’s posture toward Hamas, a stance that seems invested in negotiating a peace with an entity that has long had all of its chips in for the annihilation of Israel and Jewry worldwide.


http://www.timesofisrael.com/with-ground-op-still-an-option-iaf-given-leeway-to-change-equation/#ixzz3BPh1VtWk – 8/25/2014.

When Hitler finally committed murder and suicide in his Berlin bunker, Germany had been already overrun by the military machinery it inspired and brought to life to do exactly that.  There were no questions about leaving the Nazis in power or negotiating anything less with them than unconditional surrender.  Has Hamas, which has grown fat off the people of Gaza, given them nothing, and brought heartache to their doors — the angered weeping of war is the province of all mankind — any different?


http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/184410#.U_vE08VdV8E – 8/25/2014.

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