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From recent correspondence, a brief explanation:

Pakistan is a Muslim-majority state that may need to protect its minority populations and accept the same — Christians and Jews (I know of one) — as citizens with equal rights, not dhimmi status.

Israel is a Jewish-majority state that has enfranchised its Arab Christian and Muslim citizens fully.

Surrounding Arab rejection of Israel / a Jewish-majority state / of Jews, in general, has kept trapped the remaining refugees of 1948. Egypt will not absorb Gaza. Refugees in now built camps in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan indeed remain barred from citizenship in those states.

In the stateless preoccupied territories intended in part for independent statehood, the two key power brokers, Fatah and Hamas, have not been able to negotiate peace between themselves. As their anti-Semitic beliefs and postures remain genocidal, Israel have had to work with both in a perfunctory manner as regards the delivery of basic services, including their security against crime (Washington writes the paychecks for Abbas’s security force, which is trained in Jordan by Israel instructors).

Here’s where I sympathize, however, in departure from more conservative elements: I think it’s time to get Fatah and Hamas thugs out of the way and enable the residents of Gaza and the West Bank to take control of their own lives. On that, however, the realpolitik continues to work opposite, and Hamas, which has made everyone in Gaza unhappy, has been gaining popularity in the West Bank, which is a headache for Abbas.

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http://english.al-akhbar.com/node/18454 – “Israeli minister: Abbas is world’s “most anti-Semitic leader” – 1/30/2014.

One now may easily and rapidly compile data on piratical leaders and their organizations, but the three pieces noted above might suffice to underscore what has happened to the hapless refugees of 1948 and their generations: Arabs have contained them in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt; Israel, despite the claims of The Preoccupation (with the Jews), have provided and promoted a palette of basic services while leaving the Arab politics to the meddling “gentle character of Arab leaders and Arab-wannabee Muslim potentates with their own versions of brown shirts and jack boots on the ground.  In the way of Arab suffering at Arab hands, the results loom clear in Hamas, which has spirited now billions of dollars out of the Gaza trough (while sacrificing the lives of somebody’s children as tunnel diggers and sundry others — to about 2,000 recently — by pushing the same in harms’ way as human shields), and in Fatah, which hasn’t yet produced a convincing self-governance replete with human rights, freedom of speech, and general political freedom.

Anyone in for another sixty-six years of the same rigmarole?

One would hope the old Jew-hating and Jew-killing enthusiasm just a little bit aged, brittle, reduced by the criminality of those most responsible for those who have driven it a too long time.

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