“The truth is that this started as a war against Israel, but it turned into a war between the Palestinians,” Gazans tell me. “And it’s not a war between Hamas and Fatah anymore, but rather between factions within Hamas, factions within Fatah, between individuals.”

http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4573441,00.html – “In Gaza, hatred for Hamas and resentment of West Bankers: They may be too scared to speak publicly against Hamas, but the signs are there; and they have not forgotten that protests from their compatriots during the recent fighting were conspicuous in their absence.” by Francesca Borri – Published: 09.22.14, 00:04 / Israel News


It’s just not news when a blogger creates a new category.

However, I think the last Hamas war with Israel amply illustrates all of the issues with the Muslim Brotherhood, its behavior in language, and its soul-deadening program.

Billionaire Khaled Mashaal seems at the moment somewhere between stays in Qatar and Tunisia or Turkey.

“Gaza Fortress” lies in ruins.

And if Gazans have not figured out anything else, they’ve got to be figuring out this: they’re on their own.

I have made “Gaza Suzerain” a category here because . . . it’s a theme I believe the realpolitik within Gaza will make clear.

Let the residents of Gaza — Gazans — become their better selves with the human rights afforded others in the world, and let them do that for themselves with greater security provided by Egypt and Israel both.

Welcome to modernity.

Gazans may come up with something better than Israel: i.e., their own internally autonomous, democratic, and tolerant culture and state.

Other BackChannels notes on “suzerainty” (so far, with Gaza the only geopolitical space contemplated for the concept).

Update 9/22/2013

The concept of suzerainty (and protectorates) has a life longer in history than any given YNet News article, but checking back on this piece, I was surprised to find the referenced key link broken.

What sent me to look?

Last week’s Gaza “boat people” drowning, which is being spun as having been motivated by (that tired old canard) “the occupation”, which anti-Semitic truth I refer to as “The Preoccuation”.  Francesca Bourri’s article focused the spotlight where it needed to be focused: Hamas’s dismal record in governance and in war and the quite probably truth about the despair Gazans deal in their isolation between large forces: Israel, Egypt, the Arab world, the modern world.

That deadlock is not eternal.

Gazans themselves need strengthening with reference to their unfortunate relationship with Hamas, which looks to me like showbiz — good script: it just hasn’t anything to do with humanity and its real aspirations, beliefs, needs, and wants — covering kleptocracy.

I’ve tweeted Borri and Ynet News.  I want to hear how a story disappears from major Israeli media.

The talkbacks for the article still appear online:


Update 9/23/2014

Since noticing the piece referenced two days ago, it appears to have been retracted by YnetNews without apology, notice, or explanation.


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