I’d rather be a film producer than a small country’s President for Life.

Many questions come up with the dissolving of absolute power in definite ways.

Putin has traveled so far into Russia’s future that he’s made it back to the 19th Century and given us the spectacle of a $51 billion Olympic party. From China, the elite have been getting themselves into the cushiest real estate Melbourne, Australia has on offer. Ayatollah Khamenei heads up a $91 billion private enterprise, and much of it built on state seizure AKA “theft”.

On the other hand . . . it’s cool to visit The Pyramids. Or Versailles.

Over popcorn, we’re able to enjoy not only The Last Emperor but The Last Samurai as well.

And how else have I described my own digs but as “a mansion inside a cabin or cottage inside an apartment replete with kitchen, bar, and grill, dining hall, home theater, and a two-thousand volume library?  

Add broadband.

And for walking the fine estate (like Yanukovych), there’s a Barbour in the closet and a gravel lane at the base of the complex.

Just say “Quixote“!

And I am there.

In a State I refer to as “19th Century Modern“.


And over coffee: good morning!

The prompt: a conversation about political absolutism, more or less.

Your editor on this blog lives a an hermetic and modest life albeit with a wealth in books plus some ownership of his own time.

A rabbi with whom I had lunch now and then wondered, “What if you had six-thousand-dollars a month for living?”

I drew a blank at that remote prospect.

However, probably, I’d get into a small house and update the now 15-year-old car.


I’ve a neglected journal-styled blog online, so will stop here with that.

On related politics and political psychology: a healthy narcissism takes pride in others as well as the self.  It produces built things and services that no less than good rhetoric “delights, educates, and entertains”.  Our malignant few: those delight, educate, and entertain primarily themselves!

The chain of power I’ve described as Putin-Assad-Khamenei (“together they are defending political absolutism”) deeply exploit their own in the development of what they perceive as their own glorious image (never mind what they Yanukovych Papers may have to tell us about the class in general).

Additional Reference

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/11/ayatollah-khamenei-investigation_n_4254020.html – 11/11/2013 (republished Reuter’s piece).

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