We discovered 70% of the images on the internet of “Gaza” were of Syria, and those images were also used as depicting “Ukraine”. These bloodied fakes are not about concern for human rights; they are propaganda designed to incite hatred as a precursor to violence.

Antisemitism on rise across Europe in worst times since the Nazis,” says the Guardian. In Britain alone, reported antisemitic incidents have risen this year by 400%.  This new antisemitism appears systemic and state-sponsored, spread primarily through social media, state-owned television and through state-sponsored protests. Venezuelans fighting a revolution against a Russia, Cuba, Iran-backed government complain of antisemitic graffiti stating “be a patriot, kill a Jew.”  Iran-sponsored Houthis invaded my home town of Sanaa, Yemen, shouting “Death to Israel, death to Jews” while burning down Sufi libraries, killing and pillaging.  For centuries before Iranian support to the Houthi tribe and milita, Houthis were friends with their Jewish neighbours.

http://www.cija.ca/antisemitism/rising-antisemitism-1/ – 10/22/2014.