Just so you know —

— Israel is a real (Jewish-majority) society and one gathered back from all over the world.  It has issues within itself, but the focus on racism in Israel may belie something in the accuser.

I’m not going to respond to X unless he starts calling and verbally elbowing others here.

What he is doing is singling out The Jew.

I’m not playing that game — and none of you should either. He’s not presenting “a different point of view”: he’s promoting old fashioned anti-Semitic agitation and propaganda.

You should know that the International Solidarity Movement complains of FBI infiltration — a good thing if true, for the FBI indeed watches extremist groups carefully.  Also, the ISM has supported Hamas and Fatah operations — and in the U.S., Hamas is designated a terrorist organization just as the Taliban may be in Pakistan.

The Ugly

Regarding the sterilization story, it is unfortunately true, acknowledged by the government — I’ll share a Salon piece with you in a moment. It was wrong.  However, in a democratic open society, scandals break, the ugly truth comes out, and if the system works, justice is sought and in some part obtained.


Again, it was wrong, but it also comes to light, and I hope grievance has been openly redressed (I haven’t looked at this story in a long time).

The Bad (Gets Better)

It’s hard being an immigrant anywhere, new on the block, not yet part of the landscape, and that’s true for Jewish immigrants to Jewish Israel —

— but again, Jews listen, and white Jews who have problems with black ones get some comeuppance, some criticism in public, some change in public policy if necessary, and the society moves forward.

Righteous complaint — righteous response:


From 2012 —

— Free speech in action.

The Beautiful

Enough said.

Additional Reference

On the claim involving FBI infiltration of the ISM, web search “FBI, International Solidarity Movement” should yield listings of socialist publications dealing with arrests and infiltration.

What follows here for neophyte political readers are western-side introductions to the ISM.

http://www.ngo-monitor.org/article/international_solidarity_movement_ism_ – 8/27/2012


http://israelseen.com/2010/10/24/lee-kaplan-infiltrated-the-international-solidarity-movement-and-in-israel-to-expose-the-fraud-in-rachel-corrie-case/ – 10/24/2010

http://archive.adl.org/main_anti_israel/international_solidarity_movement.html#.VE1dZCLF98E – 11/29/2010

On Related Anti-Semitism

In Ethiopia, where I stayed for two days, almost everyone I met seemed to think that Israeli war crimes deserved international sanction and that Jews should be made to pay reparations for the destruction of Gaza hospitals and educational facilities.

http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/the_ebola_like_plague_of_anti_semitism_sweeping_the_west – 8/4/2014


ECE appears to be covering radical Islam in Ethiopia today.


http://www.meforum.org/961/operation-solomon – Spring 2006 (book review)

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