Some language borrows heavily from the Soviet Era, of course, and the same signals that the Russo-Iranian compact revolves around absolute power and wealth, not the spoken word. Whether the nationalism associated with our New Imperial Russia or the Islamism promoted by the Khamenei regime, the two serve themselves and other billionaire partners in their enterprise. The degree to which the upper crusts of less enfranchised constituency sees this may contribute to the degree of resistance encountered by both, which grumbling has been met so far and handily by violent political repression.


It’s tricky getting a perception into words, getting the words compressed, and reducing observation to an arrangement of symbols so simple, straightforward, and, most import, true — highest probability of being so — that the message becomes first memorable and then permanently internalized.  The standard of the strength of that signal is its persistence as truth arrived at or tested in multiple ways: it won’t budge not because the receiver believes in some inherent fashion or rule-based preference, but because it really is something honest and armored by its own indestructible integrity.

What if . . . you suspect you might be on the wrong side of right?

Many in the world prefer the false comfort of a loyal lie to the certainty of an uncomfortable truth.  As much ruins them, for who would believe any who would sustain a known falsehood or create new lies by way advisement, dictate, or instruction?  If falsehoods need must be covered by either new lies or willful ignorance, in the end for that cultural cycle, there will nothing true.

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