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Washington, DC – The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has continued its recognition of the suffering of the Syrian people by opening an exhibit focused on the regime war crimes documented by Caesar. Earlier this year, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted defected regime photographer ‘Caesar,’ for a small meeting with USHMM executive staff and journalists. Caesar’s photos of systematic torture and killing in the Assad regime’s prisons will be featured in a special exhibit within the USHMM, which is the United States’ official Holocaust memorial. Since its opening in 1993, USHMM has received nearly forty million visitors, including over 3,500 foreign dignitaries from over 130 countries. Additionally in 2013, the museum’s website, which also now features a Syria section on its main page, received over 16.5 million visits. Visit http://www.ushmm.org/ to learn more about their online exhibit.

http://www.sacouncil.com/united-states-holocaust-museum-opens-exhibit-on-regime-war-crimes-in-syria-based-on-caesar-photographs/ – 10/20/2014.





Mohammad Khair al-Wazir, director of the organizing committee of the “Inside Syria Forum”, which concluded today, said that this conference, aimed at greater coordination between activists and politicians, is not the first and will not be the last in a series of activities supervised by the Syrian Coalition and leaders in the of civil movement in Syria.

http://en.etilaf.org/all-news/news/syrian-coalition-everyone-s-participation-in-political-decision-making-is-the-safest-way-to-build-a-state-of-law.html – 10/31/2014.

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