However, with good reason, MEMO has been criticized as a sometimes openly anti-Semitic “Islamist news outfit” and a “hate publisher” with close ties to Hamas. MEMO’s director Daud Abdullah has been described as an “extremist” with sympathies for jihadi terrorist groups, and the site’s senior editor Ibrahim Hewitt has been characterized as a “Muslim hardliner” and “one of Britain’s most prominent Islamic firebrands.” Hewitt also serves as the chairman of Interpal, a UK-based fund that is widely viewed as supporting Hamas and has been designated as a terrorist entity by the US government. MEMO’s Palestine Book Awards “Trustees” include not only several prominent “critics” of Israel, but also the outspoken Hamas supporter Azzam Tamimi who has repeatedly expressed his desire to become a “martyr” and asserted that Hamas “is the true representative of the Palestinian people.” – 11/7/2014.