Rani Bibi (42) says, “I work as a hawker, vending utensils around villages, bartering them for raw material such as rubber and metallic goods. It is very rare when someone buys it for cash. I make One to Two Hundred Rupees a day and sometimes nothing after a whole day of vending under difficult conditions”.

According to UN-HABITAT Rani Bibi, is one of the 863 million people living in slums globally, making up 33% of the urban population in the developing world in 2012.

Taking into account various appraisals, it can be securely concluded that approximately 23 to 32 million people in Pakistan are slum dwellers. This constitutes a small but significant share of the one billion slum dweller across the globe. The influx of Afghans during the 1980s added to the number of katch abadi inhabitants.

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