As leaders (with immense egos, in lay parlance) “malignant narcissists” — autocrats, dictators, tyrants — do about the same things with the same ends beneath their various banners. In a certain basic way, “Putin-Assad-Khamenei” understand one another better than we, perhaps, understand them. While we’re arguing about ideological or religious doctrine, texts, and themes, they’re manipulating the world around themselves every which way! Part of that manipulation reaches susceptible marks, essentially, who cathect (now I’m getting technical) to a program on offer that speaks to their brand of grandiose narcissistic delusion: in jail, on campus, before a computer reading al-Qaeda’s Inspire online magazine, they have found their mission.

Ditto: XYZ nationalist movements.

General litmus, imho: anti-Semitic expression!

Jews listen for the Jew-hate, of course, but another possibility in observation might attend to what else is spoken around that signal.

The talk was about the attack on the Lindt cafe in Sydney and about the criminals — persons known to the courts, person sending up all kinds of yellow flags — that connect with ideological and religious doctrines that provide to them a sense of mission compatible with “grandiose messianic delusion”, a part of the terms of art associated with bipolar and narcissistic personality disorders.

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