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General Conditions

  • Global communications and sub-state mafia and media;
  • Corruption and political criminality at state level and downward;
  • Within-state cultural and social fractiousness, incoherence and insecurity.

Whether Goodluck Jonathan’s Nigeria where Boko Haram runs riot or clannish Somalia where warlords reign and al-Shabaab roams wild, the above-stated conditions apply: the God mob and its criminal associates communicate and recruit at will while the reliability of official power seems questionable and other social variables attenuate the response to the presence of the problem.

General Population Divides

  • Criminal vs Just
  • Despotic vs Democratic
  • Loyalty to Local Power vs Integrity Before God
  • Medieval vs Modern
  • Shiite vs Sunni
  • Sub-National Culture vs National Identity

Choosing up sides is no game in war zones.

For many, the telling of a loyal lie would appear to feel both more comfortable and survivable than telling the truth (if this were not so, anti-Semitic libel would not exist); for as many more, political discomfort or greed — one, the other, or both — serve to influence immediate alliance: In fact, criminal actors all along the cutting edges of these conflicts leverage choice their way through direct confrontation, false praise, intimidation, and patronage, speaking of which . . . .


  • Assassination and Theft
  • Leverage and Intimidation
  • Manipulation and Patronage

Mafia is the way of both the “God Mob” and the “Anti-God Mob” — i.e., the communist drive to obtain control over the productive assets and capacities of others.


  • Banners, Scripts, and Programs
  • Committees, Gangs, Organizations, Patrols
  • Hardware and Software

Banners, scripts, and programs serve manipulation by piratical personalities.

Whether or not the same buy their own ranting, all despots amass immense power over others — and wealth thereby — on the basis of whom may be intimidated and who seduced to their designs.  The banner is their cover; the script is that which plays in their heads on the stage of which each is the star of their own show; and the program is what is to be sold to or imposed on others for control by themselves.

The rest is about social violence, much produced by way of the mouth, and in the theaters of war, much more effect produced by violence.

Call it “big picture” or merely “bloviating prose”, the world would seem to wade in blood beneath the elements noted.

To form up societies capable of expelling the criminal would seem to require first and foremost idealism and integrity — behavior and performance bound to the more magnanimous of time-honored principles — in whatever area-wide or regional security system exists, and then that element has to prove effective in securing a whole constituency to the effect that any may offer up intelligence or call in a crime with confidence in the institutional forces serving their own defense.

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