I’m more often associating anti-Semitism with pagan revival under the cover of “national socialist” movements that repeatedly prove fascist, i.e., the hate of the Jews links to criminal impulses that would propel cults of personality. The leaders of such movements use more codified programs to leverage those impulses for their own narcissistic aggrandizement abetted by plunder. It wouldn’t be so promoted if it didn’t work not only against the Jews but those poisoned by the same in relation to their own subjugation by those claiming to have their interests at heart. Putin, who early in life had older Jewish caretakers and teachers, would seem to block this idea, but the Russian history plus some of the ploys used in Crimea would fit, and then one might move on to Assad, Khamenei, Jobbik in Hungary and Orban’s own pursuit of absolute authority, and then also Erdogan, who every time he panics plays the familiar cards. We tend to confront anti-Semitism as a bad attitude, and it is that, but to the piratical, it’s a useful and reliable old tool.

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Reduced to the simplest structural statement: constituencies invest in beliefs and attitudes; narcissistic leaders then manipulate the same to create and control the image of the world in which their people live, and while doing that, they make out like the bandits that they are.

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