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Attempting an intelligent note on this sad, terrible tragedy will require summing up all that I find wrong in the world right now. A task doomed to failure before it begins but I have never been accused of wisdom so here it is, brief as can be.

Islam is being destroyed from within.

It is more in danger from Muslims – or so called Muslims rather- than it is from any one else.

Full stop!

That is what is most painful.

If we Muslims can admit that once and for all, then may be we are in with a chance to repair what is wrong. It is a small miracle that many of us are still willing to identify ourselves as Muslims after a week like this. And no I am not suggesting we hide ourselves in shame. But shame we must admit at least for a while. Before we rush around collecting evidence of how good and sweet and peaceful we are, we need to humble ourselves a bit, a lot and say it out loud: ” we are sorry!”

We are sorry for the minds poisoned with nonsense that prompt them to even think that we, and we alone, are the keepers of salvation.

We are sorry for following blindly in the footsteps of self proclaimed scholars who studied nothing and learnt less.

We are sorry for failing to understand that what is obvious to us makes absolutely no sense to others.

Say it!

We are sorry.

If a movie offends us, let us not watch it.

If a paper pokes fun at us, let us not buy it.

If a joke is not funny, dont laugh.

The almighty dos not need us to defend him or his prophet from satire. Time to grow up now. La ellaha ella Allah lasted and will last with or without the zealot.

Time to take a long hard look at how we look to everyone else.

Do it now before it is too late. Being a Muslim is not about stamping our words on the world. Our actions speak for us and when these actions are shameful and stupid, ley us call them what they are. Shameful and stupid. Full stop. No if or but!

Syrian children are freezing to death, Muslim and non Muslim.

The world is on a mud and blood slide to the abyss and if killing a man for poking fun at you is the best you can do, then God help this planet, it is all over!

I am sorry for every wrong action taken by those claiming Islam.

I truly am .

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