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(CNN)European counterterrorism agencies scrambled Friday to assess the potential danger of a complex and growing terrorism threat exposed by the arrests of more than a dozen people with suspected links to Islamic extremists.

As many as 20 sleeper cells of between 120 and 180 people could be ready to strike in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, a Western intelligence source told CNN. – 1/16/2015.

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Speaking Friday morning, Belgian Federal Magistrate Eric Van der Sypt said a total of 13 people had been arrested since the raids began in three cities across the country. He said in the raid on the primary location in the eastern city of Verviers, where the two suspects were killed, 4 Kalashnikov assault rifles, several smaller fire arms, ammunition, explosives and several police uniforms were found, along with false documents, communications equipment and cash.

Van der Sypt said the suspects “had the intention to kill several policemen in the streets.” – 1/16/2015.

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