. . . the hardware is going to move around. Perhaps what’s important to track are four elements: 1) Red Brown Green Alliance (Opposition) that has flowed forward from the breakup of the Soviet Union; 2) Islamic Jihad, Shiite and Sunni both, serve that opposition and its chain of dictatorships; 3) we’re being squeezed — the whole world — between the perception of vicious and sadistic jihadists — I call them “JiSadists” — and a “velvet infiltration” by the same interests into every government and intellectual asset. On our plate is not just a “different kind of war” — it’s an immense war, and it is a war for control by the despotic among or within humankind; 4) all on the web and engaged in or around the Islamic Small Wars and and post-Soviet and Chinese New Imperial activities occupy the frontline of this war’s intellectual battlespace. Shalom

That’s a little large, even for BackChannels.


However, BackChannels has been privileged to overview a large tapestry, one that has been made officially as small as “al-Qaeda”, grown out to a nefarious 20th Century infusion of a philosophy-of-control associated with Islam — “Political Islam”, “Islamism”, Islamist” — and then that too has grown out to become a civilizational challenge to classical liberalism in concert with “state capitalism” as promoted by a piratical Russia and then joined by resurgence in national socialist talk headed by men who prefer investing in palaces than addressing their constituent’s lifestyle issues.

Call this one a dark new day.

Its symbol: the burning to death of a Jordanian pilot by Daesh.

# # #