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The Kremlin doesn’t invent anti-European or anti-establishment ideas, it simply supports them in whatever form they exist, customising their tactics to suit each country. They’ll support the far left or the far right — in Greece they support both. Despite its economic plight, the new Greek government’s first act was not a protest against European economic policy but a protest against sanctions on Russia. Only then did it tell its European creditors that it might not pay them back.

http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9447782/how-vladimir-putin-is-waging-war-on-the-west-and-winning/ – 2/21/2015.

The following section has appeared already once on BackChannels but it bears repeating and may be seen in several locations as the fray between the neo-feudal dictatorships and the democratic open societies becomes more obvious and pressing.

Red Brown Green

Red = Soviet, post-Soviet, Putinesque neo-feudal Russia.

Brown = New Nationalist Movements — an allusion to the drifts of Orban’s Hungary and a part of the mix involved in Erdogan’s Turkey.

Green = Islamofascism generally with Ayatollah Khamenei possibly the most central element in driving the form worldwide, from Daesh in Iraq to Hezbollah in Argentina.

Elementary Anatomy






Is it too soon to add Nicolás Maduro?

*If ever a head of state has experienced an “Oh F***” moment, it has to be Cristina Kirchner who has found herself and her government in the glare of intense global scrutiny in the wake of the death of of Alberto Nisman.  The world has gotten the sense of what would inform her motivation to have Nisman out of the way, and now — as I read the news — it appears the global “Red Brown Green” aspect of a revanch post-Soviet neo-feudal Russia (revanch for those who enjoy privilege at any cost to others, including their own greater constituencies) has become clear as well.

News from Yemen (from back in the USSR/RF) —

During the meeting, the Houthi delegation promised an array of lucrative contracts in exchange for Moscow’s recognition of the Ansarullah’s authority.

The delegation assured that the Houthis will soon take control of oil-rich Marib Province, which they say will yield billions of dollars per day.

http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20150225/1018721857.html#ixzz3Sy2nA1BY – 2/25/2015.

Let’s not forget Mikhail Bogdanov’s meeting with the PFLP back in the first week of November 2014.

The abandonment of principle characterizes the geopolitical space operated by The New Gang of Bad Little Boys (and Perhaps One Girl).  No doubt, however, these play hard among themselves as well, but before the press approaches internecine differences, it’s just as well to note the cooperation between “political absolutists” disregarding the ideological and state interests that would be otherwise ascribed to them.  As malignant narcissists — every one of them — what they have in common is the possession and want of immense power and wealth in service to their securing boundless “narcissistic supply” — they would be in their own halls of mirrors eternally glorious — and some day to be remembered as such (or else!).

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