Those who work in the OHCHR see themselves as an independent and neutral agency of the UN dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. Indeed, in many instances, well-intentioned OHCHR officials draft valuable reports for council-appointed experts that call out various countries’ violations of freedom of speech and use of torture and arbitrary arrest. In addition, they support the High Commissioner’s role as an independent voice that can criticize countries for human rights abuses.

At the same time, it is also OHCHR officials who supply the material demanded by politically-motivated if not Orwellian resolutions initiated by non-democracies like Cuba, China, and Syria.

Neuer, Hillel.  “Why the Schabas Report Will Be Every Bit As Biased as the Goldstone Report: Even with its discredited chairman gone, the new UN report on the Gaza war will be every bit as biased.  Such reports are dictated far in advance — by strong-minded people you’ve never heard of.”  The Tower, March 2015.

Choose your world: the one of fairy tales and lies that serve the despotic and the death they bring to innocents — or the one of integrity and hard truths that serve none but God and humanity in both the greatness of one and the frailty of the other.

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