Everybody wants money!
And so they — and Obama — are racing to acquire income any which way. The 21st Century Feudalism involves tying up that wealth in concentration in as few hands as as possible — “Putin’s Way”.
This is politics too much about money.
Re. Obama — he’s emphasized the American economy in his effort! Others, perhaps, have emphasized themselves as controlling vast wealth.

Examination of the American economy, “America Inc.”  and its distributions opens on to a broad and multidimensional field of study.  However, it may be fair to suggest at this lightest and most superficial level that despite issues available to the rabble rousing far left, earnings and distribution overall have recovered from the real estate crash of 2006-7 and the dollar has been strong, perhaps too strong.  Still, compared to the “state capitalism” shepherded into Russia by Putin, Obama’s America retains its more broadly open character.

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