The problem is the plan — public business — appears to have been worked out in private and the results misrepresented, obscured, or staged (recall: I think Daesh influenced, possibly unknowingly, by Khamenei — bribery and disinformation would do that), and that [implied activity] partially transitions a democratic nation into a feudal (and infantilized) state.

Alternatively, the Administration has set out to please and play all by refusing “hot wars” (as with Syria) and letting “Red Brown Green” cook, corrupt, and infiltrate while obtaining greater North American energy independence, breaking “RBG” at the wellheads, rebuilding an economy to meet the expenses of direct intercession in violent conflict.

What I have found repeated in the Islamic Small Wars and in western politics is the tendency for attitudes (accumulated beliefs plus feelings about them) to lead the development and perception of factual data (so we see what we have been prepared or programmed to see). That noted, the “keys” — conversations, deals, decisions, moments — to many issues appear out of the reach of journalists. As headlines relay news about the news — there’s some back-and-forth today on Israel spying on U.S. negotiations with Iran (Israel admits more to spying on the Iranian side of those negotiations and denies spying on an allie). The allegation by the U.S. demonizes Israel (!), and journalists appear to have little way, if any, of getting to the truth. The pack appears reduced to passing along press releases.

Q: The plan?

A: Give Iran everything it wants — i.e., a nuclear deal favorable to the continuing development of nuclear material, weapons, and delivery systems; the delivery of Iraq to an expanded Iranian Shiite enterprise (and the promotion of Iran’s match with Daesh as genuine history (as opposed to Khamenei-arranged political theater); the delivery of Yemen into the Khamenei sphere of influence.

Are there journalists Out There (or in Washington or Tehran) who can prove these perception true or false?

Whatever it is, Big Government — Big Brother, Big Daddy, The Experts — will take care of it while the general constituency (or readership) gets on with the more serious business — the great distraction — of making money and investing or spending it.

The removal of serious public business and concerns into private domains may suffice for the insertion of the feudal mode (Authority –> Newest Nobility –> Treasury : Military –> Subjugated Populace) into democratic and open processes.


Considering the gains obtained by the despotic against western interests (in Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen, for a start) and accompanying inroads into government and intellectual assets (on-campus anti-Semitism would seem to signal agitation by fascistic forces via specific academic placements — just check the BDS lists), the question begs that “transparency” bragged by the Obama Administration in fact be met with investigation and examinable disclosure.

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