Iran will use those resources as it has for a couple of decades: to push the Shiite religious agenda, sponsor terrorism directed against Sunnis, Israelis, and the West (in roughly that order), and strengthen its already capable armed forces. Iran already effectively controls five capitals in the Middle East — Tehran, Damascus, Beirut, Baghdad, and most recently Sanaa.

Stavridis, James.  “The Arab NATO.”  Foreign Policy, April 9, 2015.

With despots, different talk — here: different religious teleology — serves the same walk: conquest followed by the imposition of absolute control.  The reward for that behavior: limitless aggrandizement and continuous narcissistic supply.  However, the Arab defensive posture in response to the war-by-proxy assault on Yemen may indicate the workings of a less self-centered and plainly more prudent psychology, for it appears to be Khamenei’s ambitions, already heading what this blog refers to as “Syndicate Red Brown Green”, propelling the necessity of pulling together a Sunni Arab defense bloc.

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