The MEC suffers beneath enormous evolutionary and global pressures, the transition from feudal absolute to modern democratic power foremost among them. At the same time, with each language culture its own library (humanity supports about 7,000 living languages today, and we are losing quite a few annually), It’s important that the Baloch, Hebrews, and Kurds and others hold their own even while “updating” away from the primitive to feudal aspects of governance. The Hebrews, of course, have turned out hypermodern and other issues external to them account for conflict.
Islamic narcissism and locus of control factor heavily in “permitting” the Jews to exist, and that appears a position heavily promoted along the “Islamist” fronts and its frontmen. 

Religious succession along the path sparked by Hillel (Hillel –> Jesus, :Paul, Constantine –> Muhammad) accounts similarly for attempts to neuter the Jewish community, null the religion as a corrupt precursor to the true and final words of God. In that the first gifts given to his children — or recognized by themselves and worthy of ancient mythification — are human consciousness, self-consciousness, and conscience, the Jews seem to prefer evolving themselves with God alone, a personal and ever progressing relationship.

Finally, the national socialists, the “red-brown” thugs, appear to tolerate religion while enthrall to themselves, and the Jewish ethos, starting with Moses as lawgiver, appear to get in the way of malign narcissistic emotional incontinence — and that suffices for anti-Semitic hate from not only that camp but the Islamist one as well. What I refer to as “Syndicate Red Brown Green” is always in solidarity with politically criminal mafia, the thirst for “absolute power” — the power to impose suffering on others with impunity — and limitless violence (so well displayed by Khamenei’s toy, ISIS, and others).

The Russian power elite approach to governance, from czar to Soviet to today’s neo-feudal arrangements have had a profoundly evil effect on the middle east (let’s not forget that Stalin-Hitler Pact either). https://conflict-backchannels.com/2014/12/02/quote-manipulation-about-the-plo-leader-pacepa-and-rychlak-2013/ The pincers from the Far Out Left and from the bloodiest and cruelest quarters of Islam, the PLO and Hamas, are the only real impediments to peace — but behind them are the manipulations of the aforementioned “estates”.

Between Egypt and Israel, both at peace today and possibly warming up after all these years, Gaza should be treated as a suzerainty, not a forward base for Iran’s feudal ambitions.

Ramallah may be Israel’s Quebec, an in-holding held dear.

And that is the end of the middle east conflict.

To old communists, new “state capitalist” fascists, and that part of Islam that has pursued a deeply feudal politics, apply the BackChannels concept that is the Paranoid Delusional Narcissistic Reflection of Motivation: what they would accuse the Jews and Israel of wishing turns out what they have in mind for others themselves.

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