“So, what do we do?” The answer: continuous jihad against despots.

Know them for “malignant narcissists”.

Know them for their autocratic criminality — for Iran, start with the “chain murders” and dwell a while on Evin and the dismal business of hanging even children on trumped or insufficiently investigated charges.

Know them for what they do for money — and how much (look up Reuters on Setad and Khamenei and have a look at what “Wiki” states about Ali and his brother [$60 billion in amassed wealth]).

Know them for their own feudalism and the company they keep: Putin-Assad-Khamenei + Orban + Erdogan.

And then keep them out of power.


God, nature, and the universe are everywhere around and in us, and we humans tend to embrace a conscionable evolution and revolution across time.

May the monster that leads one day look back over his shoulder for followers and find himself surprised to find none.

Fine words, those, but we’ve come to an age in which for each Yanukovych (who got booted from power by way of popular revolt) there seem to be half a dozen copies of Mugabe, who has stayed in power long enough to become an old man and one most likely to die peacefully in his sleep, guilty of nothing in the protective bubble of his kind of consciousness and narcissism.

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