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Khamenei-Putin / Moscow-Tehran


Yesterday (1939), Hitler-Stalin may have seemed pragmatic on the part of both leaders, but cold enough for Hitler to break and aggress against Russia.

Today, Russo-Iranian cooperation preserves the privileges, relationships, and structures of the Soviet Era as transformed by Putin into a politically successful neo-feudal police state (state-controlled press; manipulated elections; political assassinations; kleptocracy to the extent that 110 “oligarchs” or “state capitalists” appear to control 35 percent of Russia’s wealth in total [while more Russians go begging, more or less, than have done so in many years, no thanks to the blowback from Moscow’s assertions of power and aggression in Ukraine]).

One may wonder about the sharing of “malignant narcissism” and piratical privilege across large ethnolinguistic, political, and religious divisions, but nonetheless, “Putin-Assad-Khamenei”, Putin-Orban, and Putin-Erdogan appear to represent “different talks — same walk”.

The walk is the walk of absolute political power.

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