Thanks to UC Berkeley and surrounding colleges like San Francisco State (where Bazian did his undergraduate studies and led a Palestinian takeover of that campus as class president), Bazian’s campaign keeps gaining legitimacy as it aids the endless war against both the United States and Israel by militant Islamists including those who are fighting U.S. troops abroad.

Kaplan, Lee.  “Taxpayers Made to Pay for Islamic Indoctrination in US University.”, May 4, 2015.

BackChannels intends to continue navigating the center of the political channels, but the above from the vigilant of the anti-Jihad brings up the greater issue that is the infiltration of American intellectual assets by supports of such as Hamas.  This blog locates this kind of incursion in the great “Syndicate Red Brown Green” effort to obtain more resource through political mafia means and in the process weaken the United States and NATO and related circles of influence and power as arbiters of the lawful.

That’s a lot to say in a very short space, but basically, the politically lawless and most venal of the world — that “Khamenei-Putin” thing — have extraordinary access to cultural centers throughout North America and the world, and if they’re going to be confined by opposition and resistance, it will be through the methods of the lawful, from blogs to journals to tenure committees . . . .

Addendum – May 9, 2015

In his introduction to a timely volume of essays, The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel, Paul Berman provides a witty summary of the efforts by university boycotters to frame their campaigns as “modern and progressive” when in fact they are “disgraceful and retrograde.” But the truth is that anti-Semitism never needed a sophisticated veneer in order to win susceptible recruits among the educated and the allegedly enlightened.

Wisse, Ruth.  “Anti-Semitism Goes to School.”  Mosaic, May 4, 2015.

From The Awesome Conversation (May 9, 2015): “We’re going to be battling these forces back a long time. For that, there’s not better forum and place than the United States where free speech lives and malicious speech becomes recognized and known for the intellectual barbarism it represents.”

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